Faculty Profile

Dr. Joy Augustine

Professor & HOD
  • Qualification
    Government Medical College , Thiruvananthapuram - 1978

    Pathology from Government Medical College , Thiruvananthapuram - 1983

    Pathology from Government Medical College , Thiruvananthapuram - 1986

  • Experience
    • Professor & HOD - Amala Institute of Medical Scinces,Thrissur - 6 Years
    • Professor & HOD - Govt.Medical College,Thrissur - 8 Years
    • Professor & HOD - Govt.Medical College,Kottayam - 2 Years 9 Months
    • Professor - Govt. Medical College,Thiruvanathapuram - 1 Year
  • Awards / Achievements
    • Life member - IAPM and Past Chairperson of the State Chapter IAPM (2002-2005).. - 2005
  • Publications
    • Dr.Parvathy Chandra, Dr.Deepti Ramakrishnan, Dr.Joy Augustine, correlation of Ki-67with prognostic hormone receptor markers in breast carcinoma-Global Journal for Research analysis /volume-7/issue 3/March 2018/pages80-82. ISSN .2277-817
    • Dr.SumiThomas ,Dr.DivyaSurendran, Dr.Joy Augustine:Comparison of E-cadherin and CD56 expression in Papillary thyroid carcinoma and Non –Neoplastic thyroid lesions. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2020, July ,Vol.14.
    • Dr.Deepti Ramakrishnan, Dr.Lekha k Nair, Dr. Joy Augustine, Dr.Govind R. Pisharody . Mediastinal tumors –A comprehensive 3 year analysis in a tertiary case centre; Global Journal for Research analysis . January 2018. 7(4) 141-144 .
    • Dr.Divya.S, Dr.Sreeja Raju, Dr.Joy Augustine, Dr.Ajay kumar- Clinico-pathological analysis of Thymic Epithelial Tumours: An institutional study; Annal of Pathology and Laborartory Medicine, November 2018. 5(11) 406-409
    • Khethmal P, Togy Thomas, Joy Augustine -Ag NOR Staining in Prostatic carcinoma –comparative study with Bel -2 and Gleason score Journal of Medical science and clinical research; October 2018 .6 (10) 69-74
    • Dr.Amritha Kesavan.Dr.Divya sirendran, Dr.Joy Augustine ,Dr.Dominic Puther,Dr.Dijo Davies- A case report Giant Periosteal Chondroma :Report of rare case. Journal of clinical diagnosis and research October 2019 12(6) 507-509
    • Jini Lonappan Valooran ,Togy Thomas Zacharias, Joy Augustine, Anand.T.P, RajendraPrasad Comparison of E cadherin and CD56 expression in papillary thyroid carcinoma and Non-Neoplastic thyroid lesions Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2020,Jul
    • Dr. Thomas Sumi, Dr.SurendranDivya, Dr.Augustine Joy: Epilelio hemangioma of clavicle A case report and review of literatureJournal of current oncology,Feb,2021
    • Dr.Lekha .K.Nair ,Dr.Deepti Ramakrishnan, Dr,Joy Augustine- Imprint Cytology in Bone tumors – A Comprehensive 3 year analysis in a tertiary care centre. Vol.7 ,Issue -4 April 2018.ISSN: 2277-8160 Global Journal for Research analysis