Faculty Profile

Dr. Divya S

  • Qualification
    Govt. Medical college Calicut - 2004

    Pathology from Amrita institute of medical sciences - 2012

  • Experience
    • Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Sciences - NOV 2023-ONWARDS
    • Associate Professor - Amala institute of medical sciences,thrissur - OCT 2017 -NOV 2023
    • Assistant Professor - Amala institute of medical sciences,Thrissur - 2013-2017
    • Consultant - Sudharama metropolis - 2012-2013
  • Publications
    • Dr. Thomas Sumi, Dr.SurendranDivya, Dr.Augustine Joy: Epileliod hemangioma of clavicle: A case report and review of literatureJournal of current oncology,Feb,2021
    • Dr.SumiThomas ,Dr.DivyaSurendran, Dr.Joy Augustine:Comparison of E-cadherin and CD56 expression in Papillary thyroid carcinoma and Non –Neoplastic thyroid lesions. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2020, July ,Vol.14.
    • SreejaRaju, Divya S, M. C. Savithri, Ajaykumar K K and Gayathri. G. Nair; Case Report of An Unusual Mediastinal Mass – Thymolipoma ; Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Vol. 7, Issue 9,September, 2020.
    • Dr .Joy Augustine,Dr.SumiThomas,Dr.Divya.S; Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the trachea:A Rare case report.Europian Journal of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research,2020,7(3)
    • AmrithaKesavan,DivyaSurendran,JoyAugustine,Dominic K Puthoor,Dijoe Davis;Giant Periosteal Chondroma:Report of a Rare Case.Journal of clinical Diagnostic Research..2019 Oct,vol-13(10)
    • Intrathyroidthyroglossal cyst: A rare case presentation-Lakshmi V. P.*, Divya Surendran, SavithriMoothiringode,International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Lakshmi VP et al. Int J Res Med Sci. 2019 Aug;7(8):3189- 3191
    • Dr.Divya.S,Dr.SreejaRaju,Dr.JoyAugustine,Dr.Ajaykumar-Clinico- pathological analysis of Thymic Epithelial Tumours: An institutional study,Annal of Pathology and LaborartoryMedicine,Vol 5,Isuue 11,November 2018.
    • Dr.Raghunath Narayanan Unni ,Dr.Divya .S. Dr.Joy Augustine ; A case of Langerhans cell Histocytosis presenting as a sterna ma Indian journal of applied research Volume-7/issue- 6 June 2017.
    • M.C.Savithri, Divya S, Ajay Kumar. A rare case of composite type of gastric mixedadenoneuroendocrine carcinoma. Indian J case Reports 2017;April 17.
    • Dr.DeeptiRamakrishnan ,Dr.Divya.S ; Correlation of Cytology with core biopsy Lung carcinomas.International Journal of scienctific research volume-5/issue December 2016.
    • Dr.Divya.Surendran ,Dr.DeeptiRamakrishnan . Dedifferentiated chondrosarcomaof femoral Shaft: a case report;Scholars Journal of Medical Case reports;2015;3(2);99-101.
    • Acquired Idiopathic Generalized Anhidrosis – A case report-Dr.Geethu,Dr.Criton ,Dr.Divyasurendran,accepted in Indian Journal Of Dermatology.
    • Cutaneous Tuberculosis: An Unusual Presentation.Berdy Jose, Sebastian Criton, DivyaSurendran: J Turk AcadDermatol 2016; 10 (3)
    • Extrarenal nephroblastoma in a 7 year old child: a rare case report with review of literature;International journal of contemporary paediatrics,vol2(N02)2015 Dr.Sasi Kumar,MenonNarayanankutty Sunilkumar,Divya Surendran.
    • Dr.SreejaRaju,Dr.DivyaSurendran,Dr.Joy Augustine : Histopathological analysisof Gastrointestinal lymphomas at a Tertiary care centre with review of literature:Indian journal of Research, Volume-10, Issue-07 ,July 2021.