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Plastic Surgery

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  • Congenital Anomalies: Prominent Ear Correction, Accessory Auricles, Reconstruction of Microtia, Hypospadias, Vascular Anomalies, Polydactyly, Syndactyly, etc.
  • Facial Trauma: Soft tissue injuries, Fractures of nose, Maxilla, Orbit, Zygoma, Mandible by using mini plates and screws and wiring.
  • Hand Trauma: Crush, avulsion inj., amputations, replantation, tendon-nerve injury, # bones, joint injuries, flaps to defects.
  • Lower Limb Trauma: Mainly the soft tissue management - skin grafts, local flaps, distant flaps, free microvascular flaps, etc.
  • Burns: Resuscitation, Excision & grafting, intermediate & late sequelae of burn injuries.
  • Neoplasia: Various Benign & Malignant skin tumours & Reconstructions of the defects using different techniques including Local Distant & Free Flaps.
  • Head & Neck Tumours: Lip cancers, intra-oral cancers and reconstruction using different techniques including Free Flap. Also salivary gland tumours and neck secondaries.
  • Elective Hand Surgery: Ganglions, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytrens disease, Rheumatioid Arthritis (synovectomy, tendon repair, tendon transfers, arthroplasty, arthrodesis) etc.
  • Pressure Sore, Leg Ulcers: Using grafts & flaps.
  • Sequelae of Facial Palsy: Improving the cosmetic and functional deformities including free flap surgery.
  • Post-mastectomy Reconstructions: Using implants, tissue expander / implants, local flaps, free flaps and Nipple-Aerolar Reconstruction.
  • Use of Tissue Expansion in the reconstruction of various defects - post-traumatic, post-burn scarring, etc
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Breast reduction and augmentation, Blepharoplasty, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Abdominoplasty, Dermabration, Body sculpturing by Liposuction, etc.


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Dr. Fenil Raju Abraham

Assistant Professor