Faculty Profile

Dr. Dominic K Puthoor

  • Qualification

    Orthopaedics from Trivandrum Medical college - 1988

  • Experience
    • Professor - Amala institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur - 2016 Onwards
    • Associate Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Science - 2008-2016
    • Assistant Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Science,Thrissur - 2003-2008
    • Consultant - Amala Institute of Medical Science,Thrissur - 1988-2003
  • Awards / Achievements
    • Prof.P.K.Surendran Memorial gold medal for best paper - KOACON - 1995
    • Dr.Varghese Mathai travelling fellowship of - KOA - 1995
    • Silver Jubilee Oration award during at Alapuzha - KOACON - 2012
    • K.I.George memorial oration award - KOACON - 2017
    • Professional excellence award in orthopedic oncology. - IMA Thrissur - 2017
  • Publications
    • Tumour like lesions and their management- a retrospective study D Davis, D Kuriakku Puthur, L Manathara Thomas International Journal of Research in Orthopaedics 4 (1), 159-165
    • Tumour-like Lesions— Are We Over Treating Them? D Davis, KP Dominic Journal of Bone And Soft tissue Tumours 5 (1), 3-8
    • Recurrences of Giant Cell Tumor of Bones After Extended Surgical Curettage– A Retrospective Cohort Study SN Puthur D K, Davis D Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors 6 (1), 9-12
    • The incidence and distribution of pathological fractures in giant cell tumours of bone—a retrospective study D Davis, FL Kuriakku Puthur Dominic Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics 31 (2), 27-31
    • Dominic Puthoor, Leo Francis, Rashik Ismail. Is sclerotherapy with polidocanol abetter treatment option for aneurysmal bone cyst compared to conventional curettage and bone grafting? Journal of Orthopaedics 25 (2021) 265–270
    • Giant cell tumour-curettage and bone grafting. Indian Journal of Orthopedics. Volume41(2) April 2007; page 121


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