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Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine is a specialized modern branch that utilizes radio-isotopes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like Cancer, Tumour, Cysts, Hematoma etc. Nuclear medicine techniques can identify diseases early in their course, even before conventional imaging methods are able to detect the disease. Nuclear medicine techniques are very safe, and without significant adverse effects. It is utilized in the evaluation of the function of the organs.

Positron emission tomography (PET-CT) is indispensable in evaluation of Oncology patients. It is also utilized in evaluation of myocardial viability and in evaluation of neurological conditions.

Our Facilities

  • GE Infinia Hawkeye-4 : Hybrid SPECT/CT gamma camera with 4 slice CT
  • GE discovery 600 - BGO crystal full ring PET scanner with 16 slice diagnostic CT
  • Equipment required for measurement of radiation and radiation safety.


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Dr. Sibu Baby Jacob

Consultant & HOD
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Dr. Roni George

Junior Consultant

Our Services

  • Gamma Camera / SPECT-CT

    Endocrine Tc99m thyroid scan, Parathyroid scan, Salivary gland scintigraphy, I-131 Whole-body scan, I-131 MIBG scan.

    Cardiovascular – Myocardial perfusion (Rest & Stress), MUGA.

    Respiratory – Lung perfusion / Lung ventilation.

    Skeletal – Wholebody bone scan

    Gastrointestinal – Liver / Spleen scan, GI bleed scintigraphy, Meckel’s scan, Hepatobiliary, GER, Esophageal transit study, Gastric emptying, Colon transit.

    Genitourinary – Renogram (DTPA / EC), DMSA, Captopril renogram, DRCG / IDRCG, Renal transplant evaluation.

    Cerebrovascular – Brain perfusion, Radionuclide ventriculography, Ictal / interictal scan, TRODAT.

    Miscellaneous – Lymphoscintigraphy, Lacrimal scintigraphy, Pleuroperitoneal shunt study.

  • PET-CT

    F-18 FDG PET

    Oncology – Cancer staging, treatment response assessment, evaluation of unknown primary.

    PUO – Pyrexia of unknown origin.

    Myocardial viability scan.

    Dementia / Parkinsonism assessment

    Ga-68 PET

    DOTA – Neuroendocrine tumors.

    PSMA – Prostate cancers.

    Exendin – Insulinoma.

    Ubiquicidin – Assessment of infection.

  • Therapy

    I-131 toxic therapy.

    I-131 low dose therapy (thyroid cancers)

    Lu-177 DOTATATE and PSMA therapies.

    Y-90 Sirsphere therapy.

  • OP Timings For Consultation

    Monday to Saturday 10am to 2pm