Faculty Profile

Dr. A N C John

  • Qualification
    AB Shetty Dental College, Mangalore - 1995

    Maxillofacial Surgery from Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai - 2006

  • Experience
    • Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur - 2014 Onwards
    • Associate Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur - 2011-2014
    • Assistant Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,Thrissur - 2010-2011
    • Senior Resident - Royal Dental College, Palakkad - 2007-2010
  • Awards / Achievements
    • Fellowship of International Medical Sciences Academy - International Medical Sciences Academy, New Delhi, India - 2016
  • Publications
    • John ANC. Bilateral condyle dislocation and parasymphysis fracture of mandible in a child. J Res Med Dental Sci. 2014;2(3):74-76. DOI : 10.5455/jrmds.20142316.
    • John ANC. Tooth pain management of chronic pulpitis in a patient with toxic epidermal necrolysis-A case report. J Res Med Dental Sci. 2014; 2(2): 64-66. DOI : 10.5455/jrmds.20142214
    • John ANC. Multi lobulated large ivory osteoma of ascending ramus: A case report. J Clin Exp Res.2014;2(2):136-137. DOI:10.5455/jccr.
    • John ANC, Gulvadi AA. Tongue lesions in toddler. Paediatric Oncol. 2014;11(4).
    • John ANC. Surgical Intervention and endodontic for maxillary alveolar bone regeneration in a patient with peripheral and interradicular bone defect: A case report. Medicine Sci. 2015;4(4):291-9.
    • John ANC, Anie MT. Mouth guard appliance to prevent accidental intraoperative avulsion of teeth. Int J Adv Med Health Res. 2015; 2:144-5. DOI: 10.4103/2349-4220.172918
    • John ANC, Ajith TA. Intraoral complications associated with multiple myeloma: Case Reports. Med-Science. 2015;4:2229-35.DOI: 10.5455medscience.
    • John ANC, Ajith TA. Prevalence and etiology for mandibular and mid-face bone fractures in a tertiary care hospital. Arch. Exp. Clin Surg. 2017;6:183-188. DOI:10.5455/aces.20161017105619.