Faculty Profile

Dr. Sachin Chandramohan

Senior Resident
  • Qualification
    Community Medicine from K S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore, Karnataka - 2021

  • Experience
    • Senior Resident - AIMS, Thrissur - 04 April till present
    • Senior Resident - GMC, Konni - 5 Months
  • Publications
    • Health insurance in its way to combat financial crisis in breast cancer treatment. Indian Journal of Community Health. 2019;31(3):396-400
    • COVID-19- observation and speculation- A Trend Analysis. Indian Journal of Community Health;32(2-special issue):300-305
    • Dietary risk with other risk factors of breast cancer. Indian J Community Med 2021;46:396-400
    • Recurrent infections in patient with multiple myeloma. Journal of health and allied sciences – NU2019;9:81-84
    • Use of Physical Activity Module as an Intervention to Enhance Knowledge among High School Children –A Pilot Study. Healthline. 2021; 12(4):60-65.
    • Survival Pattern Depending on Hormone Receptor Status, Stages of Breast Cancer and Social-Economic Status- A Cohort Study. J Obstet Gynecol Cancer Res. 2022; 7 (3) :221-22