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Research Committee

Composition of Committee:                                              

: Rev. Fr. Julius Arakal CMI
: Dr. Betsy Thomas (Principal)
Vice Principal
: Dr. Rennis Davis, Prof. & HOD of Pulmonary Medicine

  Dr. Anoj Kattukaran (Prof. & HOD of OBG)

  Dr. T.D. Babu (Asso. Prof. ACRC)
: Dr. Kallyani Pillai (Prof. of Peadiatrics)

  Dr. S.Narayanan Potty (Prof.of Medicine)

  Dr. Ajith T.A. (Prof. of Biochemistry)

  Dr. Kishore P (Prof. of Orthopedics)

  Dr. T.D. Babu (Asso.Prof. of Research Centre )

  Dr. Divya S. (Asso.Prof. of Pathology)

  Dr. Sunu Lazar Cyriac ( Asst. Prof. of  Medical Oncology & Hematology)

  Dr. Sruthi M.V. (Asst.Prof. of Community Medicine)

  Dr. Sreeja V. (Asst.Prof. of Haematology)

  Dr. Boney Rajan, (Asst.Prof. of Pharmacology)

  Ms. Jini (Lecturer in Biostatistics)