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Amala Ortho & Spine robotic surgery department opened its doors on May 2024 as a solution to all orthopedic spine procedures. Ortho & Spine robotic surgery department is a specialized department within a medical facility that utilizes leveraging robotic technology to enhance surgical precision and outcomes,and patient satisfaction. The cornerstone of the department is the Mako robotic surgical system. This system combines advanced 3D imaging with robotic guidance to assist surgeons in performing spine surgeries with unparalleled precision. Highly skilled orthopedic surgeons with specialized training in robotic-assisted spine surgery lead the department. The surgeons are proficient in utilizing the Mako system to its fullest potential, ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Ortho Spine department at AIMS is located parallel with Department of Orthopaedics (Ground floor of Chavara Block). Stryker's Mako System, the world's best Ortho-Spine robotic system, which was only available abroad and in a few hospitals in Kerala. It is first of its kind in a private medical college in North Kerala to perform complex ortho-spine surgeries with ease.

Our Facilities

  • Ortho and Spine Robotic Surgery
  • Thoracoscopic spine surgery
  • Balloon kyphoplasty
  • Laminoplasty
  • Tubular decompression
  • Joint procedures
  • Spine procedures


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Dr. Scott Chacko John

Programme Chief

Our Services

  • Thoracoscopic Spine Surgery (AMALA EXCLUSIVE PROCEDURES)

    Indications are: Scoliosis, Spine tumours, Burst fracture, Spine TB

    Advantages are: Direct approach to the pathology,Less invasive procedure 10mm incisions,Less post operative morbidity, Early return to work

  • Balloon Kyphoplasty (AMALA EXCLUSIVE PROCEDURES)

    Indications are:Multiple myeloma, Spine tumours, Osteoporotic fracture of spine, Can be done in conjunction with RF ablation

    Advantages are: Direct approach to the pathology, Biomechanical addressing the pathology, Less invasive procedure 4mm incisions, Less post operative morbidity, Early return to work


    Indications are: Cervical canal stenosis, OPLL

    Advantages are: No destabilization of spine, Less invasive procedure, Less post operative morbidity, Early return to work

  • Tubular decompression (AMALA EXCLUSIVE PROCEDURES)

    Indications are Lumbar canal stenoisis, Spine tumours, Disc prolopse, Spine TB

    Advantages are Less invasive procedure 18mm incisions, Less post operative morbidity, Early return to work, Long term results available

  • Spine procedures
    • SCOLIOSIS CORRECTION- Thoracoscopic scoliosis correction, posterior correction, congenital scoliosis correction
    • DISC SURGERIES- CT guided injection, tubular endoscopic discectomy, tubular endoscopic decompression
    • SPINE TUMOURS SURGERIES- CT guided biopsy, spine fixation, corpectomy, spine replacement, vertebroplasty, thoracoscopic spine reconstruction
    • SPINE FRACURE SURGERIES- spine fixation, thoracoscopic spine reconstruction
    • SPINE INFECTIONS TB, PYOGENIC- Costotransversectomy, trans pedicular decompression, spine fixation
  • Joint procedures
    • KNEE-Total knee replacement, Revision knee replacement, Mega- prosthetic knee replacement, extracorporeal irradiated tibial and femur reconstruction
      • Arthroscopic -ACL,PCL reconstruction and repair, meniscus repair and balancing, retinacular release, MPFL repair
    • HIP -Total HIP replacement, HIP replacement, hemi HIP replacement, Mega- prosthetic HIP replacement, complex acetabular surgeries, hemipelvectomy, extracorporeal irradiated acetabulum and femur reconstruction
    • SHOLUDER- Total shoulder replacement, Revision shoulder replacement, Reverse shoulder replacement, Mega- prosthetic shoulder replacement, extracorporeal irradiated glenoid and humerus reconstruction
      • Arthroscopic- Bankart's repair, Remplissauge procedure, rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty