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Amala Institute of Medical Sciences

(NABH Accredited and ISO 9001 2015 Certified)

Amala Nagar PO, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA - 680555

Nuclear Medicine and PET

Nuclear medicine department utilizes radio-isotopes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Nuclear medicine techniques are very safe without significant adverse effects. It is utilized in the evaluation of the function of the organs. Nuclear medicine techniques can identify diseases early in their course, even before conventional imaging methods are able to detect the disease.

Positron emission tomography (PET-CT) is indispensable in evaluation of oncology patients. It is also utilized in evaluation of myocardial viability and in evaluation of neurological conditions.

OP Timing

Gamma Camera : Monday / Wednesay / Friday (9 AM to 5 PM)
PET-CT : Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday (8 AM to 4 PM)

Facilities Available

» GE Infinia Hawkeye-4 : Hybrid SPECT/CT gamma camera with 4 slice CT
» GE discovery 600 - BGO crystal full ring PET scanner with 16 slice diagnostic CT
Equipments required for measurement of radiation and radiation safety equipments are also available.

Services Offered

Gamma Camera - All diagnostic nuclear medicine techniques are routinely performed in the department.

Renal studies (DTPA, DMSA, EC, DRCG), Skeletal survey (MDP bone scintigraphy), Myocardial perfusion imaging for myocardial ischemia and viability, Lymphoscintigraphy, Endocrine evaluation (Thyroid, Parathyroid) are routinely performed with prior appointments. Serotonin receptor imaging, GI bleed imaging, Meckels scan and special procedures are available at request.

PET/CT - Amala PET scan is the first PET scan in North Kerala and only the 2nd PET scan in entire Kerala. Oncology PET, Cardiac and neurololgy PET studies, Fluoride PET for skeletal evaluation are done routinely. At present PET-CT scans are performed on alternate days with prior appointment.

Radionuclide therapy - Low dose radioiodine therapy for benign thyroid diseases, bone pain palliation are routinely performed. Imaging, treatment advice and follow up thyroid cancer patients are available.

Outpatient services for thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer are available on all Monday / Wednesday / Friday.

Faculty Details

Dr. Sibu Baby JacobConsultant and HeadMBBS. DNBProfile

Dr. Sibu Baby Jacob

MBBS, DNB in Nuclear Medicine from Apollo Hospital, Chennai.

He worked as Junior Consultant in Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center, Mumbai. He is trained in wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic Nuclear Medicine procedures.

Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS).

Member of Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India (ANMPI) and Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM), India.

Dr. A C Sureshkumar, MBBS, DRM, DNB, FEBNM

Graduated from K.A.P.V Govt medical college,Trichy; Diploma in Nuclear medicine (DRM, 2010) from Radiation Medicine Center (RMC), Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai and DNB (Nuclear medicine, 2014) from Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Fellow of European board of Nuclear medicine.

Worked at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Chennai as a junior consultant (2010-2012); as registrar in Apollo speciality hospitals, Chennai (2014-2015) and currently working as consultant and In charge at Department of Nuclear medicine and PET/CT, Amala institute of medical sciences (since 2015).

Member of society of Nuclear medicine and Association of nuclear medicine physicians of India.

Attended various national and international conferences and have done oral and poster presentations. Published papers in nationalised journals.

Areas of special interest - Therapeutic Nuclear medicine and Nuclear oncology.


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