Faculty Profile

Dr. Kalyani Pillai

  • Qualification
    SETH G S Medical College, Mumbai - 1987

    Paediatrics from SETH G S Medical College, Mumbai - 1992

  • Experience
    • Professor - Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thrissur - 02.06.2003 On wards
    • Professor - K M C Manipal - 17.02.1993 to 10.07.1994
  • Awards / Achievements
    • State IAP President’s Special Award – at State Pedicon 2006 for Organizing Secretary 2nd Annual State IAP Kerala Adolescent Chapter Meet . - 2006
    • Best paper (Poster) award at State Neonatology conference conducted by NNF Kerala branch. - 2007
    • Best paper (free paper) State IAP conference . - 2010
    • Best paper 2 nd Prize for (free paper) State IAP conference. - 2012
    • "Manampurath Oommen John Memorial Award" for the best original research paper published in the year 2019 by a member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics ,Kerala State - 2019
  • Publications
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      http://DOI: 10.3126/ajms.v14i1.48586

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