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The discipline of Biochemistry has immense significance and scope in the twenty-first century. It holds immense potential in research, teaching and service.  Advancements in clinical biochemistry has made testing and diagnosis more scientific and accurate.  It enables deep examination and analysis of the blood plasma (or serum) for substrates, enzymes, hormones, etc., and their use in diagnosis and monitoring of diseases.

Biochemistry department at Amala IMS has MBBS, MD and Ph.D. programmes and several academic Clinical Biochemistry Projects.

Our Facilities

  • A well established Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory with state of the art facilities
  • Latest technology based instruments, which include:
  • a. Two fully automated Biochemistry analyzers, among which one is an integrated analyzer,  with both chemistry and immunochemistry (CLIA) assays -Vitros OCD 5600 and 4600

    b. Five fully automated Immunoassay analyzers- Vitros OCD 5600,Vitros OCD ECiQ, Beckmann Coulter Dxl, Vidas and Diasorin Laison

    c. One automated capillary Electrophoresis Machine Minicap Sebia

    d. One automated chromatography analyzer HbA1c

    e. Electrolyte analyzers with ISE

  • A well established Molecular Biology Laboratory with Real-time PCR for diagnostic purposes
  • Setting up of a few more specialized laboratories in progress:
  • a. For inherited metabolic disorders

    b. Light scattering spectroscopy assays

    c. For multifactorial acquired metabolic disorder

    d.Molecular epidemiology


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Dr. Jose Jacob

Professor & HOD
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Dr. Sindu P C

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Dr. Ajith T A

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Dr Sreejith J Kishore

Assistant Professor
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Dr. Nandu Baby P

Assistant Professor
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Dr. Deepa . K . Nair

Senior Resident

Our Services

  • Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Processes

    Our Clinical biochemistry laboratory works on a 24x7 basis which processes around 20000 samples and 100000 assays on a monthly basis. The assays include Clinical biochemistry assays, routine and specialized immunoassays, HbA1c and serum protein capillary electrophoresis