Department of Physiotherapy plays an integral part in overall well-being and rehabilitation of patients at Amala Institute of Medical Sciences. The department works in close association with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) and is located in the same block, next to Medical College building.There is a panel of dedicated physiotherapists in the department of physiotherapy aimed to restore wellbeing of patients presenting with injury, pain, dysfunction or disability. Physiotherapy includes various sets of therapeutic exercises and judicious use of different therapeutic modalities to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social wellbeing, taking into account of various health ailments. With the knowledge from scientific background of human anatomy and physiology, physiotherapists have a unique role in management of various illnesses that affect people in all ages and social groups. The Department of Physiotherapy provides services to both inpatients and outpatients as per the requirement.Following areas of care : Neuro physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Pain Management, cardio-respiratoryphysiotherapy, geriatric Physiotherapy, paediatric PT, migraine clinic, Women’s Health management,lymphedema management, sports injury physiotherapy, Acupuncture therapy are provided here.Specialised Therapy Devices Available are: Decompression Traction Services(DTS),FES (functional electrical stimulation), BWSTT( body weight supported tread mill training), Electrotherapy modalities, UST, Cryotherapy, Waxbath, Exercise therapy equipments.

Contact Details Physiotherapy Department on +914872304269