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The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at AMALA IMS offers holistic women's health care. The department caters to Antenatal and Postnatal issues, infertility management, menopause management, family planning, high risk obstetric services, screening for genital cancers, elective gynecology and endoscopy services.

Emphasis is given to provide comprehensive care to women of all age groups, resonating a home-like environment. Being a multi-speciality hospital, the department operates in close co-operation with other specialities like Neonatalogy, Anaesthesia, Urology, Oncology etc., which adds to the efficacy.


  • Antenatal clinic:Besides caring for a large number of low risk patients, expert care for high risk patients like pre-eclampsia, IUGR, pre-terms etc., is provided with excellent and up-to-date facilities in the NICU. Regular antenatal clinics also provide expectant mothers with all information and guidance during their pregnancy.
  • Postnatal clinic:Conducted every Wednesday & Saturday. Gives support and care to the mother and baby besides providing birth-spacing information.
  • Special features:Level 2 ultrasound and Doppler velocimetry studies of high risk mothers are special features.
  • Labour room:Fetal monitoring facilities including CTG, Intensive care unit with close co-operation of the necessary superspecialities and 24 hour blood bank service with facility for blood component therapy are available.
  • Gynaecology:Over and above, providing care for women of all ages for their gynaec problems, special clinics are conducted every week. Infertility clinic, cervical cancer detection clinic and colposcopy clinic are available.


A fully-equipped, ultra-modern, labour room with experienced staff nurse, and “one to one” care for the patient during critical stages of pregnancy.

Colposcopy Clinic giving the extra edge for early Cancer detection

In-house continuing Medical Education for Staff Nurses

Personalized Care is provided by Patient Relation Executive by the Social Work Department.

High risk pregnancy clinic for managing high-risk pregnancies with close monitoring of the patients 


Dr. Anoj Kattukaran
Professor & HOD

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Dr. Betsy Thomas
Principal and Professor

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Dr. P S Remani
Adjunct Professor

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Dr. Prameela Menon

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Dr. Reena Ravindran P

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Dr. Reshma Devi M.r
Assistant Professor

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Dr Hridya P
Senior Resident

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Dr Sarannya P Sasikumar
Senior Resident

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Dr. (Lt Col) B Vipin
Senior Resident

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