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With the rising number of cancer patients and with the need for comprehensive cancer care facility, the Department of Medical Oncology, at Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, offers a wide range of cancer treatment options, having a well-equipped team of highly qualified Medical Oncologists and Haemato-oncologists experienced in diagnosis, treatment planning, Chemotherapy procedures, targeted therapy, Bone marrow Transplantation and Hormonal Therapy to all patients of all age groups with solid organ tumors and Haematological malignancies.The department also owns a well-equipped Bone marrow transplant unit, which started rendering services from Dec 2021, and aims at delivering utmost cost-effective care to the transplant patients, with inclusion of the best possible infrastructure and facilities.The Medical Oncology department also has a well-functioning Clinical Research Unit (CRU), which hosts three different types of Govt. funded projects (NOCI-BIRAC, HCC & ICMR-HBCR), mainly focusing on cancer registry and conducting clinical trials.


  • Systemic therapy of all cancers
    •  Chemotherapy
    • Immunotherapy
    •  Targeted therapy
  • Paediatric oncology
  • Paediatric and adult leukemia unit

  • Precision oncology
  • Day care therapy unit and Procedure room
  • Bone marrow transplantation Unit Autologous
  • Allogenic


    Maternal unrelated

     Haploidentical donor transplantion

  • Neutropenia ICU with Semi ICU facility
  • Clinical research unit
  • Molecular oncology lab
  • Comprehensive cancer registry


 services available on all working days from 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Special evening OPD facility available on specific days in a week from (5:00PM TO 7:00PM)

Various speciality clinic services including breast clinic , Head and neck clinic, Genitourinary, Gynaec oncology clinic, GIT clinic, chest clinic and other clinical services available with the aim of delivering the best possible updated treatment.

 Various OPD procedures such as bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, blood and blood product transfusions, central line care, dressings etc are being carried out in a well facilitated set up by well trained doctors and nursing staff.

Different chemotherapy protocols are being delivered on a day care basis for which department owns a ( 17 bedded) day care chemotherapy room with well trained staffs functioning from morning 9:00Am to 4:00pm on all working days.

Department of Medical Oncology is also equipped with an ICU which functions exclusively with well trained ICU nursing and supportive staff. for handling neutropenia and other oncological emergencies.

Department is updated with Bone marrow transplantation unit which handles both autologous and allogenic transplants , aiming at delivering utmost cost effective and high quality care to all the transplant patients.

 The department also has a well-functioning Clinical Research Unit (CRU) which hosts different types of projects (NOCI-BIRAC, HCC &

ICMR-HBCR). CRU also handles hospital based cancer registry and clinical trials , which offer a great opportunity for cancer patients in getting the latest treatment.

 The department of Medical oncology is the first in private sector, under the Kerala University of Health Sciences to get approval for an annual intake of DM seats per year. The department provides one of the best evidence based training in the subject with various other academic activities like clinical discussion, journal clubs, presentations and discussions.

 As this institute is a comprehensive cancer centre, alll the complicated oncology cases are discussed in detail for planning the best treatment in a multidisciplinary board consisting of medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologist


Dr. Anil Jose Thazhath
Professor & HOD

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Dr. Sunu Lazar Cyriac
Associate Professor

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Dr Ashwin Oommen Philips
Associate Professor

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Dr. Unnikrishnan P
Assistant Professor

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Dr Ann Mary Augustine
Senior Resident

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CME Details Date of Conduct
Name : ABCC-2020

Name : Amala Cancer Registry Annual meeting
Theme/Subject : Cancer Registry

Name : Crossroads-2021
Theme/Subject : Career guidance workshop

Name : ABCC-2020



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